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    MijnWijnPlein selects delicious fine wines from local winemakers from Burgundy in combination with delicious recipes.

    The Bourgogne winegrowing region has some major assets. Its geology is rich and complex, and allows the vines to draw all the nourishment they need to produce exceptional wines. The climate, which favors vine growth, also plays a key role. Another key factor is the work of the winegrowers who labor year-round to shape wines that are ever-more delicate.

    Pinot Noir and Chardonnay: the Bourgogne region’s two noble and very old grape varietals are by far in the majority. Chardonnay accounted for 51% of the vines and Pinot Noir 39.5%. Aligoté accounted for 6% and Gamay 2.5% respectively. Gamey was exterminated by the Duke of Burgundy in the Middle Ages. Because the Mâconnais did not belong to the Duchy then the Gamay remained here.

    Between Auxerre and the Mâcon region, with an area of only 28,715 hectares, Bourgogne produces 84 Appellations. These wines are made by winemakers five different wine-producing areas, each with strongly distinctive characters.
    great dry white wines with a mineral accent.

    The Côte de Nuits
    mainly produce red wines. As such, this winegrowing region is a paradise for Pinot Noir.

    Côte de Beaune
    some world-renowned appellations. Come and discover these characterful red and white wines like Volnay, Meursault Premier Cru or Montrachet, one of the most famous Grands Crus in the world.

    Côte Chalonnaise
    ruby red wines and delicate whites made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay or Aligoté.

    The Mâconnais is a winegrowing region with a southern accent where rolling landscapes are alternated with monumental cliffs. In this wonderful environment, where the Chardonnay grape reigns supreme and where patches of Gamay can be found, you will taste some powerful white wines that are rich in aromas, not to mention some delectable reds.

    Around 250 million years ago, an emerald lagoon covered what is now the Bourgogne winegrowing region. As a result, the subsoil contains marine marl and limestone deposits. The roots of the vines go deep into this unique geological legacy, drawing from it the finesse, depth and minerality that are so characteristic of Bourgogne appellations. The northernmost part of the Bourgogne winegrowing region sits on a stony, clay-limestone soil that dates from the Jurassic period. The Chablis region is unique for its soil rich in minerals and marine minerals where the Chardonnay grape flourishes. 

    The Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune and Côte Chalonnaise. These three winegrowing areas share a similar geological base that dates back to the Jurassic era. Several million years ago, geological shifts on the earth’s crust created the Alps mountain range and made the Bressan rift collapse, which led to the creation of a unique landscape with outcrops of different layers. These layers of rock are the legacy of different eras and are at the origin of the unrivalled wines of the Bourgogne region. The subsoil of the Côte de Nuits, the Côte de Beaune and the Côte Chalonnaise is a series of folded geological layers that have been deformed and broken up over millennia. They feed into the sumptuousness, complexity and diversity of the great wines of Bourgogne.

    Leaning towards the Saône, the hills of the Mâconnais form a succession of parallel blocks, interspersed by faults and limestone ridges. Overlooking the valley of the Grosne to the west, their jagged slopes look down over geological formations that are more than 150 million years old. The terroir here is rich in calcium and ideal for growing the white Chardonnay grape varietal. In the south, the subsoil is silica-rich marl with chert limestone (siliceous concretions), and crinoidal limestone with sandstone outcrops. This terrain is home to varietals for making white wines and the Gamay grape.

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