This ambitious project by a young German winemaker, who started a great adventure in 2010 in the extreme north of the Médoc, has been very successful.

In 2008 Heike und Stefan Paeffgen bought Château LE REYSSE, 4.5 hectares, which was founded in 1983. Both studied agricultural sciences. After a career in the fertilizer industry of Stefan, it is a dream for both to make wine themselves. They found their dream in the north of the Medoc close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gironde River where Château LE REYSSE with its old vines is located. the previous owner Patrick Chaumon has accompanied Stefan and Heike for another two years and has transferred all his knowledge and skills. Their philosophy is 'quality means a lot of manual work', which is reflected in the cultivation of the terroir, the cultivation of vines, wine vinification and aging on wooden barrels. They do everything with personal effort and the result is a typical Médoc wine with a unique finesse, a high degree of concentration, balance, a tight structure, length and a considerable potential to preserve. In recent years, the wines are only minimally filtered and Stefan uses as little as possible sulphite.